And today i bring you music! “La Muerte” by Niño Cohete. This band is from my city and heck, they’re super good. 

This is my fav song by them, so make sure to check it out!


If tumblr was condensed into 100 ppl in a room it’d be 1 trans person making cis jokes and 99 cis ppl being like “I can’t believe everyone in this room hates us because we’re cis”


underrated scenes • detective pascal’s murder

this scene is one of the murders that has always stuck in my mind, purely because of how eldon stammets kills detective pascal. eldon calmly walks up and shoots pascal, as if he were only swatting a fly, then mere seconds later we see his face close up, no emotion, waving his gun around like it was an extension of his arm. the fact that he instantly launches into his question to freddie, with no regard for this innocent dead man who he doesn’t even know has always chilled me; i think his apparent obliviousness to what he has just done is one of the scariest things psychologically that nbc hannibal has ever shown us.


rampant children of monsters in love


i dont trust anyone who wouldnt fuck a robot


"Numbers don’t lie, sir. Politics, poetry, promises… those are lies. Numbers are as close as we get to the handwriting of God." - Dr. Hermann Gottlieb